Reminiscence of a Prince in exile: City of Faith

Jul 21, 2008

There they were, in the strange City of Faith, after a long southward journey.

The prince remembered the first time he saw the sea. It was magnificent. However, looking at the sea out of the train's window could not provide him with a full view of this new view. Even young, he was aware of the reason for this journey. He didn't know what was waiting ahead though.

It was an early morning. They started their new life as strangers in this City of Faith, the economic center of the southern hemisphere. Nobody questioned who they were and why they were there. People were just too familiar with immigrants like them.

They used-to-be-royal family had some relatives in this new territory. The King used to lead an army over here. Despite that, they got lost and it took them another 3 hours to get to the relative's house. It was later learnt that this relative is his grandfather's brother, who was at that time the Deputy Minister of the Internal Affairs of this southern kingdom. It didn't matter to him anyway.

There, he met several aristocrats. Even though they were generally friendly and hospitable, he found it quite uncomfortable. Perhaps because everything was fresh and strange to him, or because he didn't like this place.

A few months later the Deputy Minister passed away and his family attended the funeral. At this point, they was given a small house to live in by another relative. They soon settled in their new place and it was a kinda substandard life.

The room was dark and small and they had to share it with another student. Luckily, he was very meek and friendly and it was somewhat alleviating the pain he was suffering from. The pain of fleeing from his own kingdom, leaving everything and everyone behind.

It was painful, but he, and his whole family of four, were strong enough to endure the mental hardship.

Everything was about to change and they were all ready to start anew.