My neighborhood

Aug 9, 2008

First off, they are the least interesting people I want to be with.

The reason is very simple: they are lazy people living with no purpose. Their typical everyday life usually involves sitting idle in front of their house gossiping about all sort of things. I must tell you that I can't bear such kind of positive attitude towward life: living a simple life with no worry ^ ^

More often than not people wish to lead a simple life. But it's hard. And I can tell you that the simple life of people around here leaves much to be desired.

Can you imagine a family with 4 people, all of whom dont go to work? Ah well, you are wondering how they manage to be alive. Simply put, they are selling their land and houses and give themselves the privilege of idleness.

And please excuse me but I am not at the very least interested in speaking to the house next wall :) Who happens to be my house ex-owner. Every single morning their son, who doesn't look like a boy at all - if you know what I mean, keeps playing the same music. While I certainly enjoy some of the songs, repetition kills the joy. What can I say, (s)he enjoying his life.

On the other hand, people here are very peaceful. The whole neighborhood is a good place to live coz and it's generally safe. So to be fair, it's a tradeoff.

My friends are quite surprised to learn that I've moved to the suburb. But I can see a lot of potential hehe. Family is around. Dad's company is less far. His friends keep visiting. He can come home every single day.

And overall, living in your own home is MUCH better than being tenants for the last 14 years.

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