Re: the Voice of Banking Students contest

Nov 4, 2007

Today, I participated in the first round a contest called Voice of Banking Students, which was organized by the Banking Faculty of the University of Economics HCMC.

To begin with, I'm no banking student at all and my knowledge of banking and general finance isn't good enough (which was demonstrated by my performance of the test lol]

Before taking the test, a multiple choice paper of 100 questions, I hadn't prepared much for it. It was taking it for fun, told by myself.

I intend to work for a bank after graduating from Uni and this is a good chance for me to pull my sleeves up and actually work on something related other than im-exporting stuffs that I'm being taught at school. For your information, apart from International Trade Policies and International Commercial Transactions, all I've been studying evolves around micro and macro economics.

The contest went well. It was kinda difficult. It had something to do with exchange rate, which I had studied in macroeconomics and forgotten as well ^^. On the banking stuff, I had no idea.

The rest of the paper was in effect a TOEIC test and it wasn't tricky.

There were also several questions about social events such as when VN and the US signed the BTA.

Kinda tired now so that's everything about the exam. I dont wanna write too much on my rainy Sunday evening. ;)