Why this?

Nov 4, 2007

Yahoo 360 is experiencing problems and it may very well be closed anytime soon or otherwise integrated into something bigger and greater (?). Yahoo 360 has been the dominant player in social networking in Vietnam for as long as 2 years (I need someone to confirm this) largely due to the fact that most Vietnamese use Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo has done a great job of blending everything altogether. But now things are annoying over there and people are leaving 360.

Mash then pops up as the alternative of choice to 360. But I cannot say I like it since it looks like a MesS to me, LOL. I dont mean to criticize Yahoo, though I haven't dived deeply inside it, I feel that it is way far inferior to Facebook, which I currently have an account to keep myself up-to-date with friends overseas, most of whom are currently using Facebook as their main account.

There are other choices. But I am a fan of Google, and its products, so I chose Blogger.

This also allows me to try something different ^ ^

Finally, welcome to my blog!